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Paul Harris – Screwed Deck


We are currently out of stock, but working hard to find a superior supplier of a crucial component needed in the construction of the prop.

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From the creative mind of magic’s premiere inventor, Paul Harris, springs an awesome opener original to the core. Quite possibly the best trick you’ll buy this year! The magician “screws” two halves of a deck together like a pool cue. Oops! It’s mis-matched! He gives it another twist and the deck becomes an ordinary, examinable pack of cards! Immediately begin your next card trick!

Screwed Deck by Paul Harris is easy to learn with very little sleight of hand and works great in any venue. Includes the gimmicks and clever routine. You’ll floor magicians with Paul Harris Screwed Deck!

PALMER MAGIC NOTE: Due to the popularity of this item and Shawn’s current performance schedule we have been unable to meet production demands. We anticipate having more time after the Spring of 2017 and will do our best to make the item available again.


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